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All About Birds And Things To Take Care

bird proofing mesh

It is impossible to park a car in an open parking space without getting it soiled from bird droppings. It is very frustrating if you just got out of a car wash and a bird passing by chooses your vehicle to attack. The problem of birds has always been a big one in the busy cities. The fact is that human residential areas are spreading to vast lands, and this expenditure is creating a shortage of space for wildlife. Therefore, the wilderness creatures struggle to coexist in a society where there is nothing familiar for them and a far cry from their natural habitats. You can always protect your car or your house with bird proofing mesh, but this is not the correct solution to the problem. The fact is that birds are not the problem; human beings colonizing every available living space are the real root cause of troubles. It is impossible to survive in a world without other species that keep the balance of nature.

Where are the birds going?

In the jungle, birds are an essential part of the ecosystem. The take fruits from the trees and help the plants scatter all over the forest. Whereas birds droppings work as a fertilizer that is important for the plants’ nutrition and help the forest bed become more fertilized. The jungle trees are dependent upon birds for their survival, just like we depend on trees to create breathable oxygen for us. In ancient and recent times, many farmers collect bird dropping and sell it as a high-grade fertilizer for crops that are difficult to provide nourishment. If you ever get a chance to visit upcountry, you might come across the breeders who keep and cultivate a flock of birds to earn a sizeable amount of profit from them. These breeders use bird protective layers to collect the fertilizers, not throw it away.  In some parts of the world, this miracle fertilizer’s value is so high that it can attract foreign invaders and even robbers. The mess that you are trying to save your car from is a billion-dollar industry in reality.


Human beings have fought wars to claim territories with a dense population of birds in the history of the world. It is because birds play a significant role in the cultivation process. The people living a city life today don’t think much of bird proof netting in the wild. However, the truth is that it is impossible to complete the circle of nature without the birds’ presence and help. Keeping birds inside cages or scaring them away from habitable places will become a destructive aspect of the future of trees and forests. If we want the earth to remain happier and healthier for long, we must preserve its natural beauty.