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It is a priceless feeling when a woman becomes a mother. The couple feel so blesses that they have been awarded with the best and precious gift ever. As soon as they get to know that they are expecting a baby, the very moment, they start planning things for their baby that they will do this to her or him. The most important this for the new born is to set a room. It is the most hectic yet precious thing to do.  

As we all know, a woman has to go through a lot during the pregnancy, both mentally and physically. The more she relaxes and take care of herself, it would be good for her. But, no one can stop to be mother from the preparations for the new born. So, it is an ideal option to buy all the stuff for the bay under one roof. 

Factory Buys: 

Factory buys is an online store where you can buy each and everything for your baby at your doorstep without going out in the chilly weather or hot weather. You do not have to do long walks for different things even everything is available under one roof. Factory buys allow you to shop your favorite things, sitting on the couch with your husband in an AC room. 

The Products: 

Following are the products that we are selling under the banner of Factory Buys. 

  • Bed Bases: 

We have a huge variety of bed bases available in our store. From baby bed bases to queen bed bases for sale. We give you an option to make the base customized as per the size of the room. There is also an option to make a drawer under the base so you can easily put the stuff of the kids. 

  • Mattress: 

Without a mattress, there is no use of bed bases. We have all the option available for mattress. We deal in spring mattress as well as foam mattress, the choice is all yours. 

  • Toys: 

A baby’s room is incomplete without toys and stuffed toys. The colourful toys always bring joy to the face of the kids and it is their first learning material. We have a huge range of toys available. We also sale cheap toys so you can buy them in bulk to decorate and fill the room. 

  • Quilts and Bedsheets: 

We have specially designed quilts and bedsheets for kids. We have a wide range of quilts and bedsheets available that has the prints of cartoon characters, ben 10, toys, air planes etc. We have made them in chunky colours so kids love to sleep in their own room. So, if you want to make a memorable and attractive room for your kids then visit our website and order your favorite products now. 


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